Twenty Twelve

September 2, 2012 § Leave a comment


Can’t say that I’ve enjoyed it much. That’s a lie because I have, in parts but on the whole it has been flashing past faster than Bolt on rollerskates. On a downward slope….

I’m not a fan of speed in life, to my mind speed means I miss things or worse I don’t have the time to enjoy the moment. I’ve just resorted to looking on Face Book to figure out just what I’ve been up to since my last posting at the beginning of this year, apparently it has involved lots of face masks and leopard knitwear. 

Business as usual then.








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A Luxury Brand needs is some Luxury Comedy!

Noel Fielding wearing SIBLING Slime Glitterball on E4.


Give It Away Give It Away Give It Away Now…

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Spent Monday night at The Cafe De Paris…

Felt like old times but minus the clock stopped at the time a bomb hit it, Fat Tony’s DJing and my friend Robbie hot off the JPG catwalk in his black suit and new sunglasses missing a step and rolling head-first down the stairs styling it out by hitting the dance-floor running… OK hitting it falling.

I was there to help out at the latest fundraiser for HOPING and what a night it was: Jarvis Cocker ‘Moved Closer’ and walked from the stage onto a table to serenade the main bidder, Boy George dubbed it up with a new working of ‘Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?’ with a quick guest vocal from Kate Moss, Jonathan Ross and Alan Carr hosted, Jimmy Carr (no wonder Jeremy Clarkson was there… all those cars haha) told some jokes for a small fortune, Gemma Arterton got all leather trousered on us taking Maroon 5 up on their challenge and did indeed move like Jagger to ‘Sympathy For The Devil’, new boys Rizzle Kicks really did kick the night off and The Red Hot Chili Peppers rounded it all up with Flea asking people to ‘pony up some cash..’ which is a new one to me I have to say.

A huge amount of money was raised: hurrah!

And there was a huge amount of chat regarding Anthony K’s new look: is the tash for Movember? A Freddie Mercury tribute? What’s with the hair? And a split on whether the T Shirt really should now stay on….. perhaps we should have thrown him one of the ZOLTAR designed ones from the goodie bag?

Museum of DAF….

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And after looking at trucks and cars and cars with wicker basket weave seating and brought clogs with DAF truck images printed on them where do you rest up? In the Daffetaria of course… and no I’m not joking. Telefunken.

Thinking Of You….

November 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Standing in Prince waiting for Mr Matthew Stone to catch us up, Mavi and I chatted in the street about our mutual friend Jack and how we missed him and how he should most certainly have been in New York with us. Mr S shouts across at Mavi and I fleetingly look at my feet (mainly to check out my new tiger stripe pimped Converse because well, we are on our Honeymoon period and it was drizzling) and right next to me on the tarmac is a sheet of A4 plain except for one word, the word JACK.

He was with us all the time! Spooky.


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Bam bam bam…

SIBLING HQ was rocked by a very determined knock at the door and a back-up holler of ‘DELIVERY!’

He was right to be insistent as he was delivering a very very early Christmas present from the people at PENCIL: my G-Shock.

Of course it went straight on, and because after years of being presented with dainty watches and then handed a MASSIVE Snoopy playing tennis one I have this ‘thing’ for huge watches. It’s like me and men’s noses: the bigger the better Mr Freud…. anyway so now my entire wrist is covered by 2 watch faces.

Although my Panerai is from the Italian Navy does it light up? Does it tell you what pesky phase the moon is today or what the tide is playing at? It’s Italian so no, it just looks classic and handsome and does what a watch does: tells the time. And probably gives a little shrug while doing so.

My new G-Shock Module 3194 does loads and so comes with an instruction booklet the size of a Gideon Bible. Thankfully the English instructions only (only?) take up the first 70 plus pages…. or 24 mins via this video from a man with way too much time on his hands – yes this from a girl wearing 2 watches.


Men Who Design Bathrooms….

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Andre is the man-about-Paris…

Being the Man he of course has a hotel. It is called Hotel AMOUR and has themed, small and often dark rooms.

Andre himself is not themed but is small and dark. As are his bathrooms. Now a small bathroom isn’t such a bad thing, make it into a wet-room, add a massive window looking out across your bed giving you a framed image of your LOVE sleeping or they can watch you lather up… Oh it’s all very Blondie ‘I Would Give You My Finest Hour…’ or a night at Raid depending on your bent but share a room with girls, tall girls and a few things become immediately obvious.

Firstly the basins are low, real low, low-rider low, like Base How Low Can You Go low….. do not wash your face when wearing heels. Learnt that the hard way. Got vertigo bringing my head back up.

Secondly black marble and dim lighting are both dead sexy and possibly give you a very good glow when you are being watched by your very own Jimmy Stewart through the window but neither are good when putting on make up. In basic terms it’s like applying blusher while staring in Bohemian Rhapsody.

After a quick scrub and a change of frock Pippa, myself and Gwen escaped from our boudoir and squeezed into the well-lit mirrored lift. There we saw that our faces were less Coco Chanel and more Coco the Clown…. ‘Just Gotta Get Out, Just Gotta Get Right Out Of Here’.

This weekend I stayed at a smart Dutch hotel with pamphlets on the side table asking me to recycle towels and reminding me of my size 40 carbon foot print. Of course this waste not want not stretched to energy-saving light bulbs, fitted in all the rooms giving out their passive/aggressive glow. This meant that the huge avocado bathroom radiated green like The Hulk being given a parking ticket.

Back in London I checked my phone pictures and found 2 I’d taken in the bathroom both of which work I think in a Nan Goldin kinda way. If Nan Goldin ever took self portraits on a cassette covered iPhone….