Stick Em Up!

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Received a card in the post covered in THE most fantastic stickers….

Thank you KA xxxxx




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I always thought this was INXS….

But no it’s Danny Elfman and his band, Danny is better known for composing Tim Burton’s film soundtracks and being married to Bridget Fonda. Or… maybe not?


For Alex who will appreciate Kelly I’m sure….

Knock Knock….

December 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

Sometimes when you do a door you meet wonderful people you never would otherwise and Rose who worked with me last night was just that person.

At one point just as frostbite was kicking in she opened the door (apologies to everyone downstairs who had an icy blast for the length of the song) and once we’d figured out just what Thelma was playing, we danced around outside to Ami Stewart, finally falling around the place laughing.

Rose even had pockets full of gummy teeth which reminded Mortimer and I of doing Boom Box and The Duncs who worked there had what seemed like a never ending supply of Haribo to keep us going.

My phone made an odd noise.

Eh? Oh, a notification from WhatsApp and whaddya know: Christmas message from The Duncs!

Isn’t it weird how the World works? Did he hear us all those miles away?


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Ponystep ┬áVs Deck Yer Baubles December 18th…

And London was ankle deep in snow so plans to emulate Rihanna on X Factor in hip-high split dress were short lived.

My door outfit consisted of:

Hanro vest and pants

Wolford velvet tights

American Apparel skin tight trousers

Rick Owens long sleeve knit dress

SISTER by SIBLING Skull Necklace boyfriend sweater

SIBLING knitted parka

SIBLING Scare Isle Gloves and scarf

Thick socks.


So more of a Goth Sully from Monsters Inc.

Or Silent Bob’s friend?

On the way up, stomping through filthy snow I ran into a group of merry chaps ‘WOAH! Darlin’… You look fuckin’ hard core!’ shouted one which is just the look I was going for: hard core WARMTH!

PS Looking at Sully I have to say that Matthew Joseph in his Louise Grey turquoise and orange long hair sheepskin won that look-a-like competition but he was Manga Sully to my EBM version.

Golden Eggs

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Studio Crocodile you are INSANE!

Nothing Really Matters….

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Reminds me that I must fix the 1930’s kimono I brought for 40 whole pounds (cheap as) in Tokyo for when I get all Geisha On Yo Ass for Spring….

For Oli xxxx


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after what felt like weeks (because in fact it was weeks) of waiting SISTER by SIBLING touched down at Top Shop just, only JUST in time for Christmas.

For all you present givers and self-gifting types out there who hate snow get on line and get buying as stock is limited.

Here is Bella modeling the Skull Fair Isle at her HOPING event last night at the Sadie Coles Gallery. Note that all that Fair Isle is actually tiny sequins…. BLING.

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