Better Than Prince

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Or it would have been IF to quote this You Tuber:

PRINCE AND THE REVOLUTION – WHEN DOVES CRY No Sound. Again. Prince and Warner Bro’s are being greedy ass bastards and think they can make more money by not letting people listen to it on youtube…..

So Flairs win proving that he is in fact… BETTER THAN PRINCE!!


Ladies & Gentlemen….

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Doing a bit of general research for SIBLING Collection 4 (time waits for no man or woman for that matter) I came across these images of Bryan Ferry a man who asked his friend to ask me at 22 (or possibly less) for a date. I refused telling our mutual pal that I don’t ‘date by proxy’ and finished it off in usual Cozette fashion by laughing and making a joke.

Eons later at a party hosted by my then boss Bella Freud B introduced me to Mr Ferry with the words ‘Oh.. have you met my assistant Cozette?’ With hardly a beat missed he batted back, mumbling from his great dark coat ‘Yes. Years ago. Something about Proxy Music. Not original but then not TOTALLY unforgettable’



Final quote to Jerry Hall: At least meeting Mick saved me from becoming Jerry Ferry….


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I love.

I now own.


This Time…

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Next Week…

And every time I think about it I get a terrible case of the giggles which isn’t very Goth or DAF now is it?

Big Bubbles No Troubles

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In between sudden flashes of rain last night Guy played this tune as part of our set at The George & Dragon.

I’d forgotten just how good it was.

Nick Beggs chatted to me once about the perils of bleached hair as mine had gone into a chick yellow frizz. Fabric softener was the only way to go he said. A fact that Guy knew about as Mr Beggs had handed the same tip out in a German teen magazine he’d read in Lux in the 80’s.

Here’s Beggs, his hair and the rest of his original band in all their toothsome glory:


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Oh. My….

Here it is:

Gold Dress

Richard Nicoll’s Oscar winner!!

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