November 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Bam bam bam…

SIBLING HQ was rocked by a very determined knock at the door and a back-up holler of ‘DELIVERY!’

He was right to be insistent as he was delivering a very very early Christmas present from the people at PENCIL: my G-Shock.

Of course it went straight on, and because after years of being presented with dainty watches and then handed a MASSIVE Snoopy playing tennis one I have this ‘thing’ for huge watches. It’s like me and men’s noses: the bigger the better Mr Freud…. anyway so now my entire wrist is covered by 2 watch faces.

Although my Panerai is from the Italian Navy does it light up? Does it tell you what pesky phase the moon is today or what the tide is playing at? It’s Italian so no, it just looks classic and handsome and does what a watch does: tells the time. And probably gives a little shrug while doing so.

My new G-Shock Module 3194 does loads and so comes with an instruction booklet the size of a Gideon Bible. Thankfully the English instructions only (only?) take up the first 70 plus pages…. or 24 mins via this video from a man with way too much time on his hands – yes this from a girl wearing 2 watches.



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