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Angels are terribly Chrismasy aren’t they so with this in mind here is a link to an interview on Dazed Digital by Dean Mayo Davies of Robert Goerl talking about his new, independently released single: Schwarzer Engel.

You can buy it on iTunes and I suggest that you do.


Tan Lines

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This image should be my new profile picture said the photographer and so, even though the comment was probably meant as a joke, I’m now trying it out on Myspace to see if our predictions are correct regarding new friends requests. (UPDATE: 6 in less than an hour. All men. All without profile pictures. All with wives/girlfriends?)

Amazingly though I do have a tan… and one which goes beyond my heart-stamped chest (gotta love a truly ancient Chloe bikini).

Bright Eyes

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I’ve just got off the plane and already have some washing on as PING I’m wide awake so thought that I’d also be a bit industrious and add some snaps here.

My daily treat other than a good coffee was visiting this small pet erm tent (for it was a tent on the beach and not an actual shop). The mice were my FAVES but were too small to take a good image of using my iPhone so you’ll have to take my word for it and feast your eyes instead on these dwarf rabbits. In dresses….





How much I WANTED ONE!

We did toy with the idea of buying a mouse. Watching them asleep, lying on their backs with their paws skywards trying to cool down they looked so cute and their brightly coloured plastic homes were a BLAST but what do you do with them when you leave? I did read that one guy had been stopped by Customs in Australia trying to smuggle geckos. He’d done this by placing them in rolled up socks and sticking them in the fridge, putting them into a coma…. doubt a mouse-sickle would survive or have a street resale value of £1000 for that matter.


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Well I doubt that there will be any updates for a few weeks as I head off to Thailand now (via a Not Christmas lunch today at The Rents with my Brother and his wife which can only mean that my Mother has convinced everyone that I’m not coming back. Yes yes Mother of course I am now living out Bridget Jones Part II and we all know what happens there after the bag search…..).

Looking out the window on a grim Sunday in London I’m really happy to be heading to some sun and wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

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