Blink 182

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Don’t Bother….

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Not bothering is going to be my new style mantra.

Don’t bother to get changed or wear anything other than black.

Don’t bother to wash your hair.

Don’t bother to get a hair cut.

And you will hear nothing but admiration for how you look!

Well, it worked for me last night…..

Kind of Annik Honore (I got dressed listening to Joy Division) meets Francois Hardy… in retrospect.

These Boots…

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Were Made For Walking and were made for ME… I saw them in Church’s window and fell head over heels (no pun intended..)

Have been obsessed with white boots since seeing those flamenco ones in Madrid.

I want to get these and seriously fuck them up, get a boyfriend and do the same……

Love On A Pension

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Saw this on Hackney Road today and it made me titter as 2 of the headliners are in their 60’s!

No wonder Rascal is Dizzee….

No keeping great people down I guess but it reflects quite badly on the state of music today I think…

Worse, perhaps it goes to show that only us ‘oldies’ are going to concerts?

Or have the money to go….

No Nudes We Are Facebook

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Facebook (quite correctly seeing as they have rules for these kinds of things) removed my profile picture because, as my friend Andy pointed out ‘Bare woman’s tits are still bare woman’s tits even if they’re bare woman’s tits rendered tastefully in oils, Cozette’ and apparently say Facebook kids could see it.

So for those of you who asked to see more (mostly small children) here I am in situ:

This is my favourite comment:

Cowboy Kate

May 11, 2010 § 2 Comments

Trying to find some images of Cat McNeil’s new Givenchy red hair I came across a forum discussing some images of her in an editorial for Numero called Cowboy Kate.

The on-line chat mainly consisted of both men and women not getting the title: there are no cowboys said one. Another asked where the boots/guns/horses were…

For those of you who don’t know, Cowboy Kate is a short story, a very very short story, illustrated by Sam Haskins’ black and white photographs. And yes… it has very little to do with cowboys although there are some gun belts.

You can view it here:

My copy was my Dad’s.

The inspiration:

Cat McNeil in Numero:

Bad Hair Day

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When this rubbish weather gets the best of my hair I slick it back, destroy what is left of the Ozone layer and head out frizz-free.

Last week, high plait swishing in what felt like a force 10 gale I was asked by a group of teenage boys smoking around the back streets of Brick Lane ‘are you Tomb Raider?’ which made me dead chuffed for the entire day.

If I don’t receive such glowing praise I look at this picture of Nastassja Kinski as a reminder that even the very beautiful can fall victim…

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