Bon Bon

November 29, 2009 § 1 Comment

Just about to head out for tea with Pippa (Madame Says fame) and Jack (fresh from DJing with Girlcore as an honorary Spanish Lady) and I’m whiling away the hours by plodding through the 6 months worth of French Vogues piled up on my floor as my 3rd lot of pre-holiday washing finishes.

All I can say is that I would officially HATE to be a Le Bon child… can you imagine having this amazing 44 nearly 45 year old creature as your MOTHER? Especially when you have Simon’s genes as well as his surname….. I’m not being cruel but c’mon Simon was never the skinniest Durannie now was he. OK so the frilled shirts never helped anybody, agreed.

In my teens at the Rio tour concert Mr Le Bon patted me on the head.

I wasn’t best pleased as I’d only pushed to the very front because I was sure that John Taylor would notice me in my stripy T-shirt pouting (I thought) like Kim Wilde in The Kids video.

Naturally he didn’t…. too busy slapping base…. and I’d not figured that my outfit was more Team Simon than Taylor.

Photo Credit: French Vogue October 09. Alasdair McLellan


All White

November 28, 2009 § Leave a comment

At the risk of sounding like that Barrymore bloke: all white.. denim… WHY did we do that?

This thought was triggered by searching for the Strangelove video and finding the Paris version (posted) and some togged out in all white denim antiseptic US one which felt really dated.

Post Rifat Ozbek’s Nirvana collection (I brought the white satin embroidered bomber from Joseph Pour La Maison… satin jacket obsessive that I am) myself and Fat Tony would go out on Thursday night like 2 glowing Persil adverts and come home on Sunday as 2 street urchins covered in black club-grime.

An all white party was a personal fave…

The entire place was white.

We were clothed in white.

At midnight (was in NYE? Mind is a bit fuzzy) a net of blue balloons and matching confetti floated down to oooohs and ahhhs. Blue confetti hits wet floor and POW we are dancing in a pool of blue dye and end up like Shalom at the end of a McQueen show.

It’s funny listening to this clip from The Clothes Show (Jeff Banks but who is the other person?) as nothing regarding LFW has changed!

Bigger… Blonder…

November 28, 2009 § 1 Comment

And I now have the urge to pierce my nose……

And Mavi should think about full PVC catsuit and corn-rolls…. at least before Jack does.

For Michael L x

Some Music For Saturday Afternoon…..

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Belle Epoque

November 26, 2009 § Leave a comment

Another song that would have me and my Dad dancing if it was on TOTP… I’d be 9 years old and probably in my jim-jams.

And here’s another:


Hotel Bathroom Candid

November 26, 2009 § Leave a comment

SIBLING sweater, red Ray-Bans and well behaved hair.

And here is a TINY picture of Miss Hemingway rocking my usual hair-don’t and an enviable amount of spangles:

Princess Julia’s Playlist

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A few gems from Julia’s playlist for the Chivas Studio party for SIBLING hosted by our very good friends METAL


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