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An interview 🙂


For Mr Long

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At the Vogue Party….

It all got a little surreal as part way through the event the restaurant filled up with firemen. Naturally we all expected them to strip but, remembering that it was a Vogue event didn’t force the issue and watched as they went outside the building. Finally the ‘brains’ of the bunch located the source of the fire: the burning open fire grate.

Radioing in they decided to put the fire out and even discussed water bombing it through the chimney at which point we Londoners gave up with the idea of seeing them naked or even wet and naked and menswear designer James Long got me onto the improvised dance-floor (cleared by the fireman for possible water bomb action) to kick our heels and snap our hair around to this:

If ONLY we’d had Beyonce’s flame dress….


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Halloween is my yearly excuse to crayon on some black eye pencil. Squeezing myself into my NY bargain Elizabeth and James net-backed dress and my Ann D wedges I stomped out to meet Rebecca and Ali at The Oak where we looked like some bird from The Matrix having drinks with Wednesday and Morticia Adams. Ended up at Ditch House via Tinaween where still in full ‘look’ (Rebecca’s being TOTAL full length.. meaning with a TRAIN… McQUEEN thank-you with THE best wig ever) we were asked to dance by a super drunk although rather good looking Frenchman. Giving up and floundering back to Dad-Dance, the arms of his pale blue sweater waiving desperately around his waist he was replaced by his Dutch friend who started his conversation with me thus: ‘My friend is too drunk to pay you any attention although I know he wants to… he is drunk and silly to have gone back to dance as now I am going to try!’

Did someone shout SHARK?

He then continued to compliment me on everything from my goth-panda eyes to my hips (??) and finished off by complimenting himself on the size of his manhood.

Did someone shout TAXI?

Stifling laughter I headed to Hot Boys Dancing Spot to well, do what it says on the tin.

Oh and the club stamp was…. a drawn on penis.

By the way did you notice the manicure AND the new phone cover?

Thank you Sid and Lilian for gifting xxxx

Die Ner Ladies

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Back on London soil and….

Straight into the Diner for stodge and a catch up with Jack before we hit Halloween.

Mr Raeburn

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Couldn’t resist our balaclava…

Worn here with his own dot parka.

The Standard

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Guy took Sid and I to The Standard…

The decor of which was a little like walking onto a Luc Besson set or the inside of a large illuminated shell, you know what I mean… those giant ones you see in seaside gift shops, stuffed with a light bulb and with possibly a plastic crab playing piano attached: a golden pink glow.

And there actually was a piano, a tiger striped one of yellow wood but no crab.

Just myself and Sid.

Puny Undernourished Kid

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Puny Undernourished Kid… with cake!

Happy 21st Birthday to our fantastic model at the London Showrooms who, on realising his Nobel & Webster inspired jogger glowed due to reflective tape around each letter made it his duty to walk around the dark lift area introducing himself to all the press before running back going ‘someone important is coming!’ He even laughed at the fact that he had WANKER in massive orange lettering across his crotch finding it ‘cool man..’ Gotta love those Dutch!


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