These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things…

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Well.. 2 infact:

Mr Jack Sunnucks and Mr Matthew Stone, photographed by Mandi Lennard for



Du Bist Neu

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New limited edition single from DAF.

Du Bist DAF

DAF ist Punk…..

Oh yeah we can all relate to that!

SIBLING Collection 5:

You can buy the new single here as of SEPTEMBER 1ST:

Or click on the info part of this link.


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Ponystep came back with a BANG last night with a one-off party to celebrate Richard Mortimer’s 30th birthday. With DJ sets from Jefferson Hack, Princess Julia and the Ponystep residence as well as a PA by new pop-tottie Florrie well all I can say is WHAT a night.

Unfortunately I missed all of this plus the vogue-ing sensation that was The Mortimers as I myself and the Katie Eary frock and Ann Demeulemeester wedges were contending with a MOUNTAIN of people trying to get in. Jennifer Justice and Lily Law turned up and closed the door. Yep closed by the police. Jenny and Lily are not code names for the fabulous Misters Woo and Jeanette alas….. Nor were they, I explained to a very small Spanish woman refusing to move and I think turning to stone ‘strippers, even though this IS a birthday…’

Anyway, how very rock and roll of us.

And apologies to the SEA of familiar faces in the crowd who I couldn’t get in.

Really, I wish that I could have.

Read more on Florrie and The Mortimers here at Madame Says:

Rocking Style

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Kelis and Janelle….

Great British Summer

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SIBLING HQ was apparently closed for a weeks holiday but no one told Sid, Joe and myself or that’s how it felt and so Sid decided to take things in-hand and arranged for us to head to the South Coast for the day. And WHAT a lovely day we had: sea, quite a bit of sun, fish and chips, marvelling how beautiful Eastbourne looked and then pudding post me being all Grey Gardens on Beachy Head. It was so windy that Sid was blown over a low fence! Thanks God for the fact that Joe and I (standing at the top of the hill) could see Guy cracking up with laughter that we realised that he’d not been puffed totally over the cliff…. unlike the contents of Mr Softie’s ice cream van. Cones everywhere!

Thank You Beth…..

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For the Gingerbread Lady.

The wonky angsty icing mouth matched my own that day and that and the hand written bag… ta dah: made me smile.

Vogue: Fashion’s Night Out 2010

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Oooooo how lovely to be name checked not only in Vogue but also in Alexandra Shulman’s on line interview for Vogue: Fashion’s Night Out. Come down and see me on September 8th… I may be DJing from the Jaeger shop window again, who knows, it’s good fun though, you can bash on the glass to get my attention.,frameless.htm?NRMODE=Published

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