Kiss Kiss…..

October 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

If you read my post in G Mag….

you’ll know that I was lusting after designer Holly Fulton’s frocks and smashing perspex jewellery. Well, on Monday I treated myself to her ruby-mouth bangle. I love it because the teeth are very English and naturally different sizes. For a girl who possesses wonky teeth this is always seen as a plus. I wore braces for years, attached within my mouth by a lovely hippy-of-a-lady orthodontist on Richmond Green (imagine the cost). After years of staple-mouth I was liberated and… the tooth moved ever so slightly back to its original snaffle (imagine parents horror). Being as stubborn as my tooth, I then refused the offer of a head brace (yes these things existed…) and LA style blinding white and super straight Hollywood teeth from my Father’s Sloane Street dentist and spent quite a few years listening to my Mother’s ‘Isabella Rossellini has a wonky front tooth and she’s beautiful’ reply every time my decision was questioned…

The other bangle I also brought for personal reasons: ‘those rows of pearls look like Cs… you HAVE to get it’ insisted my good friend Rebecca.


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