Monica & Silvia

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When I grown up I want to be Monica… or Silvia…


Cable Guy

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Amazing how you can fill your time waiting for the man from SKY to come and he does and he tells you to get someone else in to fit your cable as ‘it will go through your kitchen and that is against our rules’… GREAT.

Hello… if it is policy shouldn’t 1 of the million questions you get asked on contacting SKY be ‘madam, and in your opinion will the cable be going through any of the following: kitchen, bathroom, swimming pool, cage full of tigers…’

Lucky for Cable Guy he was a tall, slim red head polka-dotted with freckles and etched in tattoos as it softened the disappointment of the free gift from my Brother which is now going to cost me.

Although thinking about it….

Orange Juice

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Yes I am still not drinking and yes this is orange juice:


This picture was taken by Sacha Hilton in the kitchen of Le Regine which, during Ponystep Paris, becomes a smoking den/sauna/hang out.

Saturday night was truly great fun: The Gossips Nathan rocked the decks having made friends with SIBLING Joe, Kim Jones was pottering about fresh from his fabulous Dunhill show, there were more male models than you would find on a casting for a CK perfume advert and I was so busy chatting to Ricardo Tisci’s friend (I was fascinated by his across-the-bridge-of-his-nose piercing) that when he went ‘Oh here is my friend Ricardo’ it took me until mid-conversation to realise who it was!

Blast… and the Givenchy show was outstanding too.

More Orange Juice with Edwyn Collins sporting a rather up to date haircut and all black outfit as the TOTP backing dancers Zoo interpret the song and imaginatively …. rip up paper… oh how jolly.

Klub Kid II

June 29, 2009 § 2 Comments

It’s a bit like Karate Kid II but with less kicking… possibly.

Here is Mavi on day 1 of the Menswear shows in Paris photographed by Daniel Thawley, I have seen photographic evidence that the Dries shoes were off my 11pm.


And now 10 Magazine’s Richard Gray:

This is Mavi. We officially love Mavi, so many great exits, every day. “She comes into the office wearing Balenciaga!” says Ponystep’s head fromage Richard Mortimer. Love her for that!



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Seems to me that the only people who talk about airbrushing these days are car painters and the occasional make up artists but once upon a time Athena did a range of posters by a man called Syd Brak and these, along with the Patrick Nagel Rio album cover image, filled my wall.

It’s a shame that I can’t find the one I really liked which was of a woman wearing a green swimming cap, goggles placed on top and blowing a huge strawberry pink bubble but… hey ho.

Strange to find out that Mr Brak is now known in the industry for the Dolmio ad campaigns (??)


Goths In Sunshine

June 24, 2009 § 1 Comment

Yesterday I excitedly agreed to head to Belgium in July to see DAF headline.

It was only hours later that I thought to check where I was heading!!?

So, I hit Google and came up with possibly THE Goth event of the year.

Mentioning it to Joe today and also that Gary Newman is playing to made him laugh ‘you just KNOW that you’re going to enjoy it’ and Sid told me straight faced to ‘avoid wearing cheap velvet, anything purple, stripy tights… oh and those PVC corsets’.

Dress code for me then is either all white or head to toe floral I guess.

That, a sun tan and a smile.

Sweater Girl

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Last night was the launch of the brand spanking new Ponystep website and the pages are as fancy and as star studded as Editor Richard Mortimer’s guest list. Alas due to so much going on at SIBLING HQ plus the run up to Will Broome’s solo exhibition happening next Thursday I didn’t make it to The Joiner’s to witness Beth Ditto’s karaoke but my Kids tell me that it was great fun and that now Beth is part of my ever growing family by default….

Reading through the new Ponystep pages I came across an interview with Bella Freud and I was dead chuffed to read my mention in her tale of the birth of her iconic Ginsberg Is God sweater…. there is nothing like a fever , numerous cups of tea and an overdose of Lemsip to inspire you!

‘Bella has also kept herself on people’s minds with her recent Sunday Telegraph beauty column and the perennial popularity of the ‘Ginsberg is God’ sweater. Asked about the famous phrase, she laughs. “I was creating a story about these chicks who are waiting for their poet hero to come and do a reading, but he never shows up. Beatnik is always really good in fashion, it is so hilarious. I had all these names, Camus, Godard, Ginsberg, and I was trying to find out how it could work. Then the stylist Cathy Kasterine said, ‘Why don’t you do it like, Clapton is God: Ginsberg is God,’ and I realised I had been complicating things too much. My assistant Cozette had a cold, and she said, ‘Yes, Godard is Dog, I mean God.’ And that was exactly it’.

You can read the full interview plus many more at


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