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Is not coming, it’s happening.



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By Mugler

I always have a great fondness for Mugler for 2 reasons:

1) At the Cafe De Paris hanging out with Fat Tony I found myself invited to Mr M’s table. This sounds flashier than it actually was as his table was very small and not very flash. And he’s chatting away with his friends and then looks straight at me and asks if his eyes look red. I answer honestly that yes they are. Well, Mugler or not he ASKED and I answered. Next thing I know he’s asking for lemons and squeezing the juice in his eyes. Streaming tears follow. ‘And now?’ he asks laughing at my shocked face.


2) My Father always prides himself on being very well dressed. That I’m now saying that he was often well dressed in Montana and Mugler in the 80’s may sound like a total oxymoron: huge shouldered jackets, cropped zip front blousons, pleat trousers, floor length parachute silk trench… you get the picture. Not exactly anyone’s idea of ‘well dressed’ I’m thinking but to my teenage head it was THE most amazing look ever. A few years back when a jacket was handed to a student hell-bent on reproducing this look but not getting it right SIBLING Joe told him ‘and remember… this was worn by a straight man….’

Actually I lied as there are 3 reasons… the third one being this:


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Than a row of tents….


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Knowing Me…

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Knowing you…


Amo Amo Amo

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Then from Prada to Predator….


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Home baked.

Nothing better…..

And, after being FROZEN at the flea market a huge frothy coffee.

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