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Mr TT’s stylist requested some SIBLING for a shoot the other week.

I do hope that he wore some as anyone who puts in the line ‘would you risk it for a chocolate biscuit’ is fine with me.

Post biscuit how about some candy?

Not quite sure WHY I do actually like hearing either of these if I’m honest but I’m embracing them and not asking myself too many questions…


Played Twice…

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And I’ve had nothing harder to drink than Cola all night… oh dear, where IS my brain at the moment?

Guy not only reminded me that I’d already played it at 8pm but also pointed out the scene in SATC where Jennifer is handed a LV handbag as a parting gift. On opening the box Ms Hudson is overjoyed… I tell you, she should have had an Oscar for that performance as the bag is not, to my mind, a beauty. Leaving? I’ll help you pack…..


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SIBLING Collection 5 graphic a knitted play on Lichtenstein.

Lichtenstein and Leigh Bowery…..

You’re So Vain….

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You Probably Think This Blog Is About You….

Thank you Salvatore Caputo!!

Silver Bullet

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Totally forgot about Silver Bullet.

Found his 12″ nestled between Royal House’s Can You Party and Fun Boy 3’s best of.. or most fun parts or whatever it’s called.

Lolz… I almost did.

I used to LOVE this track and would dance to it at The Cafe De Paris unsuitably dressed in JPG.

JPG which would then have to be returned to the store the next day with ‘I don’t know what happened! The facings are coming away from the fabric. I mean I only wore it TO WORK….’

The additional and more truthful ‘out on the dance-floor’ part being hastily swallowed…

And now for some Scooby Doo starting Acid House:


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This is so much nicer than an out of office don’t you think?

Although I’d quite like NOT to have a vacation of the heartbreaking variety.

Eastern Promises

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Yes I admit this is just a post to show Mr M naked but hey it’s my blog and he’s hot!

The fight clip is really gruesome by the way so you have been WARNED…. watch the trailer if you don’t like blood.

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