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June 25, 2010 § 1 Comment

Here I am (looking like I’ve just woken up and got dressed in a hurry…) in front of myself at the Lucian Freud Exhibition in Paris. David Dawson who’s film and photograph’s of Lucian are also on display VERY SWEETLY arranged for me to visit when the Pompidou was closed this morning. Was so very touched and the staff there were fantastic! They even let me take photo’s.


How To Make An Album….

June 20, 2010 § 2 Comments

This is a bit like, you know… finding your Porn Star name.

Here are the rules:

And so I did all this and my band names is: Czech Hockey Games.

My album is called: To Say Them Deliberately.

And the cover image is the rather lame close up of an eye (only works if you are Man Ray or the LAs or 15 and being ‘deep’):

BUT.. I think that I may have a major hit on my hands.

Am now going to randomise the actual sound…


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The samples for SIBLING Collection 5 are still being shipped and just as we were beginning to give up hope and I’d decided to head for a new life in a hut surrounded by sheep and mountains this beauty arrived with a ‘hope it’s OK?’ email from the factory.



There are stars, leopard spots, a painted S, dots, zips, buckles, X ray specs…..

And yes it is ALL KNITTED!!!

And you have seen it here FIRST just in case you see it somewhere in the High Street SECOND.

Copyright: SIBLING LONDON Collection 5

Ilse Ruppert

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Gosh the things you find on the internet… that a Japanese company sells girlish cotton lace undies for men, that someone has complied a list of very tall beautiful women dating short famous men (probably a short man), the fact that the Statue Of Liberty’s face is spookily close to that of Elvis… and THIS…

Covering everything I like: musicians, punks, 80’s, SKA, Germany…

All Photographs: Ilse Ruppert


June 20, 2010 § 1 Comment

Myself, Jack and Dean have been having a bit of a Jennifer Herrema love-in this weekend and no cat within 3 miles of The Ditch Triangle is safe!

Ah as IF we would take poor puss-cat’s tail in an attempt to mimic Herrema’s fur-laden look.

But we may rape you of your band T-Shirt and take your hat….


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Came across this small clip on YouTube via some random searches.

To think that this was the Olsen’s fashion film in 2007… I mean, I’d happily dress this way today.

This either means that the Olsen’s were completely fashion forward or that fashion has not actually gone forward, hard to say….

Dirty Diana

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Good for Gia… yes Miss Ross: buy your own!

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