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Poster in LA…

If I’d had found this little pooch it would have gone straight into my QSW duffle

And, using SIBLING Sid and Joe’s present to me (it’s a Boston shaped bag) just like Crimewatch I can replicate what this dogknapping would have looked like and, as Mel pointed out perhaps the bag should be renamed the QSW dogknapsack?



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Gill Scott Heron…

Wasn’t keen to be referred to as the Original Rapper and described himself as a ‘bluesologist’ but you can not doubt his influence. I first heard The Bottle at a Baz Fe Jazz night at The Wag, tapping my Bass Weejen to Wack Wack and trying ever so hard to emulate Sade in my Joseph Pour La Maison spot shirt and 501’s.

Soon after I ditched the long plait, cotton polo neck, men’s tux trousers and cowboy boots for a long legged strappy dance all in one, leather wrap mini (I say mini it was more like a leather scarf, think scarf meets bum-bag meets belt and you’ll get the idea of the size) and MASSIVE Nikes to dance to Hip Hop. No more toe-tapping posing for me but the poetry of Mr Heron was never far off….

Plug In, Turn On and Cop Out….

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Rest In Peace…

A true poet, taken way to early.

And The Revolution has been and IS Televised (long may revolution continue to happen with or without Twitter, Facebook, Google and TV) but that’s almost not the point.

Here Mr Heron explains his reasoning:

The Revolution Will Be Live.

Royal Wedding

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I was away…

So only caught the end of the US coverage which mainly consisted of David Emmanuel’s posh-voweled horror at Kate’s sister looking ‘Hollywood’ and questioning her shade of tan which, he decided must have originated from a colour chart on The Only Way Is Essex or…. Homebase? This was followed by a Trisha type program where Trisha USA helped a couple who’s wedding had been ruined by the Royals as theirs was the same day (problems with guests going to Will and Kate’s and then having to leg it to Croydon? Oh how I sympathised into my coffee) and another showing you how to do your wedding on coupons and freebees: ladies word to the wise NEVER tell the baker that it’s your wedding cake, always ask for discount on your birthday and… you’re quids in.

Today sitting on the Central Line, thankfully out of the down pours I saw this:

Sweet I thought and moved in closer.

Someone had tried to remove it but beneath the heart I made out: I Give It Five Years.

David do you take the tube?

If You Wanna Get Ahead…

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Getta Tash…

Facial hair is big in LA they even have a club for it:

There were fellas at Neptune’s who’d tattooed theirs (our driver suggested NOT taking pictures so this is a mug shot of an unlucky felon, a man who was surprised to have been recognised in a line up… )

Hell even Rihanna gets in on the act…

And Jack and I love them too. Princess Julia caught us doing our best Sparks pianist tribute act….

That’s Me Outted….

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Crazy Girl.

Made me smile.


Further Knit Monster Sightings…..

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This time in yes INĀ 10 Magazine.

Yep, that’s me. In yet another balaclava. Didn’t I say? Didn’t I? Do I have a face that only a Mother could love? Who cares, it’s funny and there are 3 more Pure Evil Pandas Rock! balaclavas at SIBLING HQ all with their own personal Kiss make-up so I’m hoping for 3 more shoots. Perhaps of the bamboo variety? Oh ha dee ha… Anyway, I bet there is a Plushie Monthly….

Totally THRILLED as I’m on the cover and get double pages inside. Wooohooo!

It’s an amazing issue: think of a women designing in the fashion industry and she’s there.

Plus me. As Knit Monster.

PS. Wonder how my yarn homage to Madonna in the yarn cupboard came out picture-wise? Think that Craft Monthly or Knitters World may want those….

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