Cozette has been around the block so many times that she has, single handedly, produced a moat……

Cozette McCreery always wanted to be a vet but ended up being DJ Fat Tony’s Box Boy and the Saturday girl at Fendi triggering a more glamorous life than one spent with your hand up a cow’s bottom.

Having worked for Jasper Conran, she took a few years out to become a shepherd (yes really) finally returning to London to become Bella Freud’s assistant.

One third of men’s knitwear design group SIBLING (having had a 2 year stint as Head Of Press at Jeweler Solange Azagury-Partridge) Cozette can also often be seen wielding a clip board at a party you desperately want to get into or DJing at the party you desperately want to get into, running around front of house at that fashion show you would sell your own mother to attend, being everyone’s agent and doing the odd bit of writing.

She has not only seen it, been it, brought the T-shirt but possibly designed and sewed said T-shirt too.

(Header Image by Will Broome with the kind permission of PONYSTEP and the artist).



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