Ponystep Issue 2

October 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Pretty much fresh-ish off the flight from Bologna…

I ran down to a studio in Shoreditch to have my picture taken for Richard Mortimer’s The Women We Love PONYSTEP editorial. I was showered in Marni polkadots, amazed that I could get into a Chloe skirt, given a bob hairstyle, posed and… everyone decided it wasn’t working:

‘I’m not feeling this are you?’ asked the very lovely photographer Scott Trindle quietly mid-shutter. Minding my manners I answered no but then Richard asked what I really felt ‘OK… I feel like a combination of Who Are You Polly Magoo and Claudia Winkleman. Claudia Winkleman doing ‘hot’…’ at which point Scott laughed and stylist Phoebe took me to one-side, my hair and make-up was readjusted, Hermes located… and… tah dah… the result of which you see below.

I’m soooooo pleased plus this is one editorial where my parents won’t flinch…

‘5 pages in Dazed and I can’t find you? What do you mean I need to look at the person painted black?’ and the classic ‘I rowed with the newsagent in Knightsbridge about that 10 magazine. He tried to sell me bloody Dolce & Gabbanna… I told him NO! I NEED THE PANDA, THE PANDA IS MY DAUGHTER! Felt like a right bloody idiot….’


Get PONYSTEP Issue 2 from Dover Street Market.


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