A Monster Party

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Wool Modern

An exhibition sponsored by Woolmark and championed by HRH The Prince Of Wales opened last night at La Galleria Pall Mall. A great time was had by all with a Whos-Who of fashion talent having fun (although from the Vogue piece you’d think that this event consisted of Mr and Mrs Colin Firth, the HRH’s and Westwood… the star attraction being an Axminster carpet… )

Knit Monster the Superstar from the SIBLING stable of knitted ‘people’ sits rather menacingly in the window. Not that this is putting anyone off as a friend of ours Tweeted that he was fast becoming that something-you-photograph-while-standing-next-to.


SIBLING Sightings….

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Knit Monster..

Museum store, Denmark:

Panda is still rocking in i-D:

And Red Lion gets into Metro!


Further Knit Monster Sightings…..

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This time in yes IN 10 Magazine.

Yep, that’s me. In yet another balaclava. Didn’t I say? Didn’t I? Do I have a face that only a Mother could love? Who cares, it’s funny and there are 3 more Pure Evil Pandas Rock! balaclavas at SIBLING HQ all with their own personal Kiss make-up so I’m hoping for 3 more shoots. Perhaps of the bamboo variety? Oh ha dee ha… Anyway, I bet there is a Plushie Monthly….

Totally THRILLED as I’m on the cover and get double pages inside. Wooohooo!

It’s an amazing issue: think of a women designing in the fashion industry and she’s there.

Plus me. As Knit Monster.

PS. Wonder how my yarn homage to Madonna in the yarn cupboard came out picture-wise? Think that Craft Monthly or Knitters World may want those….

Knit Monster: New Sightings

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Knit Monster, unlike other monsters, doesn’t think much of keeping a low profile…..

Here he is at Colette, Paris:

In Barcelona:

At Rivington Books, London:

On Dean Mayo Davies’ desk at i-D:

And also in i-D:

Wonder where he’ll end up next?

Thank you Sophie, The Duncs, Charlie and DMD for emailing me pictures.


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Knit Monster is now on TWITTER.

When not modeling or Darn The Boozer in his SIBLING C6 Pure Evil’s Pandas Rock! balaclava and twin set he’ll be typing away the best he can when wearing gloves.

He’s a great one for stalking and has an ego the size of a King Kong so please stalk him back.. I mean follow him… here:


He’ll update you on all things SIBLING as well as dropping SISTER by SIBLING right in it where he can.

PS he’s also a little bit dyslexic and/or wishful thinking and so read the following Youtube heading as Japanese Typing Monster.

Vogue Italia II

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The Scare-Isle Knit Monster Strikes Again….

And EVERY TIME I hear the words ‘Vogue Italia’ I immediately start singing this:

Unleash The Monster!

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