Donatien Alphonse François de Sade….

August 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

What’s this?

For a moment there I thought Purple’s Olivier Zahm had a fondness for German punked up electro….

In Paris I met Bernard Henri Levy who was intrigued by my name and why my parents would have chosen it. I batted off the explanation parrot-fashion as only a person continually asked can. Happy with that he leaned forward ‘it’s a good choice’ adding ‘I named my daughter after a character in a book too, she’s called Justine. From the book of the same name by de Sade. Do you know it? At one point she seeks refuge in a monastery but is forced by the monks to become a sex-slave….’

I’d like to add that ever true to his very public persona this chat about naming your kid was conducted as he sat, straight from his shower, open legged, covered (almost) by a small white towel.

‘OK! We will continue this at dinner! Fascinating but, I must get dressed…’ leaving Bella and I giggling like 2 school girls in the corridor marvelling at his confidence.

And *cough* other things…..


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