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June 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

At The Boundary.

Last week I was very privileged to be asked to a dinner hosted by QSW in honour of Ambassador Stephanie Gilmour who was in London to shoot for a magazine. Stephanie surfs, plays guitars, likes rock music, has met Lemmy… is blonde, beautiful, talented… I could go on. Frankly she’s the type of girl who should make other girls ‘well jell’ to quote TOWIE or at the very least make them want to give up hope and throw themselves at the mercy of the nearest bottle of wine (or in my case someone else’s mini doughnut covered creme brule… yep, that was on the menu) but, in addition to all this she’s a real girl’s girl with the ability to make her fellow all-female diners feel like we’d known her for ever. That she’s only 22 and this grounded is, like the surf titles she has neatly tucked under her belt, no mean feat.

The next morning at my local coffee come surf store LCB fired up by talk of surfing I went to buy Cooler magazine only to find it sold out! How can they have sold out of a girl’s surf mag on Bethnal Green Road I whined? ‘It’s because it’s sunny’ explained LCB while frothing up my latte ‘we always sell out when the weather’s good…’

Note to self: buy Cooler when it’s well… COOLER, clue’s in the header.



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