Royal Wedding

May 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

I was away…

So only caught the end of the US coverage which mainly consisted of David Emmanuel’s posh-voweled horror at Kate’s sister looking ‘Hollywood’ and questioning her shade of tan which, he decided must have originated from a colour chart on The Only Way Is Essex or…. Homebase? This was followed by a Trisha type program where Trisha USA helped a couple who’s wedding had been ruined by the Royals as theirs was the same day (problems with guests going to Will and Kate’s and then having to leg it to Croydon? Oh how I sympathised into my coffee) and another showing you how to do your wedding on coupons and freebees: ladies word to the wise NEVER tell the baker that it’s your wedding cake, always ask for discount on your birthday and… you’re quids in.

Today sitting on the Central Line, thankfully out of the down pours I saw this:

Sweet I thought and moved in closer.

Someone had tried to remove it but beneath the heart I made out: I Give It Five Years.

David do you take the tube?


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