The Story

May 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

The Story is the name of the print…

Don’t worry I’ve asked QSW‘s John Moore why it’s called that so I’ll let you know in a few days but in the meantime here is the print as a side-less back-less one-piece.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to wear it on the beach as when surfing (yes yes I’ll explain later) it’s probably best to wear either a bikini or a more covered one-piece as frankly the only thing you want popping-up is YOU on to the board not your bosoms out of your swimwear.

Not that this mattered as what I wanted to do in LA was pose like Jerry Hall in metallic heels on a shark… or a dolphin but no sharks or dolphins were forthcoming, real dolphins yes but the blow-up sort no (incredibly) and thankfully no sharks of either sort, so thinking what would Janice Dickinson do (answer: pretty much anything) I donned the swimsuit and did a little gratuitous London photo shoot which should please those who research ‘bathroom candids’ and normally get me in the fashion version of a burka.

Decided to include the aforementioned diving mask but not the snorkel as had flashbacks to a conversation in Thailand:

Really.. you’re taking that?

Yes, why?

It’s a pale pink ribbed snorkel.


Put it in your mouth and take a look at yourself… do you see what I mean now (laughs)

What are you getting at… oh.

Men. Filthy minds.


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