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May 7, 2011 § Leave a comment


That’s what I did when I was told that I was heading to LA to live the life, hang out with lovely people and get to look at clothes. It was an embarrassed I’m-Not-Worthy laugh partly due to being invited by Quiksilver Women, Quiksilver being a World Famous surf label fronted by hot dudes called Kelly. Do I surf? No, in fact since being dragged out spluttering and throwing up sea water onto a Goan beach around 20 years I tend to avoid the sea AT ALL COSTS unless it is like a bath and pretty much static and… I’m wearing a full mask and… have a snorkel…… I draw the line at armbands but you get the idea: Thalassophobia (and yes I looked that up).

A few weeks later I find myself at Terminal 5 hanging out with Mel, Meena, Laetitia and Naomi, visiting Prada and the tiny green Laduree hut (my God how fabulous is Terminal 5?) and chatting about kimonos: 3 of us have packed for a Mikado revival it seems.

Dazed from an 11 hour flight we head to The Erwin hotel. My room is the size of a studio flat and has a view of the sea if I turn my head out of the sliding doors. Deco is 50’s kitsch beefed up with graffiti and, in the spirit of some kind of punk/beach/retro theme the bath robe they supply is green leopard print. If only I’d packed cha-cha heels…..

Eating through the onset of jet lag we head to the roof bar where I’m quizzed as to why a group of English people are in LA (an answer of ‘our invites got lost in the post so we decided not to go’ does the trick) and watch the sun go down over Venice Beach just below us until our beds aren’t calling they are screaming….

The Gay Mens Chorus of LA… you couldn’t make it up:


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