February 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today. Yesterday.

Welcome to LFW.

I was sending a message to my friend Julian and found this. The skins dancing to Swan Lake at the start I think should win awards over Natalie P’s dance moves on Black Swan don’t you?

When this came out I fell madly in love with Chas Smash. Chas and Terry Hall ruined me for crew cuts ever since.

Shame that years later I would find myself in a Soho drinking den called Gerry’s at a time when most people are waking up, sit next to the pianist and after about an hour of drunken chitchat go ‘you know what? You remind me of Chas Smash… but a fat one…’ He then told me he was ‘The fat Chas Smash..’ so I slipped off, probably literally thinking about it, to tell the barman (who had played Spyder on Coronation Street and hated to be reminded but HEY… I wasn’t to know that) that he.. oh and Mr Smash… had nice arms. This was followed by me falling off my stool because my friend went ‘whaaaaat???’ and I couldn’t stop laughing.



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