Happy 30th!

February 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

Planet Earth.

The Duran Duran single.

HOW is this song 30 years old? I remember watching them on TOTP and instantly falling in love with John Taylor. Floppy fringe, tall, pouty, good jaw, leather trousers, odd knees together/needs the loo movements… what wasn’t to love?

Over the years I’ve met Simon Le Bon many times and was once asked to ‘look after him’ at a fashion show to which I arched a brow and sat him front row with a drink. When his beautiful wife Yasmin found him trotting behind me post catwalk she let out a hearty guffaw as I handed him back ‘Oh… THERE you are!’

Nick Rhodes I met last Summer at the Hoping event. He was still rocking the same look: Warhol mini me – the New Romantic version. His dour humour made me laugh. When he mentioned always dating tall girls and I in true Cozette size 39 in mouth fashion went ‘oh yes… girls who look like Trannies!’ he answered ‘as a man who married in pink satin I should really keep quiet shouldn’t I?’


PS 3 mins into the Planet Earth video there is PROOF that the strange hand-holding, in, out, kick dance we would all do down the youth club actually existed.


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