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Over The Rainbow…

Jack and I went to cinema on Monday and finally saw Somewhere and post decided that we should be living in a hotel, in LA, ordering ice cream and wearing APC in sun bleached colours. Or ordering ice cream in sun bleached colours. I get confused. Neapolitan. Yum. And be tanned. Very very tannned.

We liked the film although I’m sure I’m not the first to think that Ms C just rehashed Lost In Translation:

‘Dear Diary, I’ve finally been given loooaaaaaads of money from some lovely film folk so I’d better think of something quick like, LIT2? LIT worked for pretty much everyone and NOTHING could be worse than SATC2 so win-win. Cool. Synopsis then could be: man having midlife crisis. Tick. Distant wife usually only heard on a phone. Tick. Young girl thrown in to make man contemplate his lot. Tick but this time I’ll make her his daughter. Clever me. Loopy foreigners? Oh yes… but this time… ITALIANS. Karaoke? Can I do that again? No. Pushing it… loved it though… need new version. Sing Star. No no no. Guitar Hero that will do it! And everyone loved the unheard ending last time so hey why fix what ain’t broke so… he’ll say something important but… his kid won’t hear. Or does she? Giggle…’

Still… it was nice. We liked it.

And I was fascinated by Mr Dorff’s tan: just down the middle? And his tummy: worked out belly.

How’dy do THAT?


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