Wow Is That The Time?

January 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

OK so how is it 2011?

Yes yes, I know it’s because last year was 2010 but really, I mean that year went so fast and this time last year I would lie in the bath and look at my tan-line white bikini… and that feels like only last week.

2010 NYE was spent in The George & Dragon with very good friends and I managed to get to bed at 5am having drunk more than I have drunk in 2 years! Actually by rights I should have passed out or thrown up but hurrah, managed neither.

The next day I was awoken by my phone at 9am (damn you sober person living in Europe and therefore sober AND an hour ahead) and I chatted away as probs still pissed. The rest of the day was an unfamiliar mixture of emotions peaking when I sobbed at The Horse Whisperer. Oh and then I remembered that I’d drunk texted WHATEVS at around midnight to the sober 9am caller finally making sense of this morning’s conversation…..

Hangovers And DUI Oh How I Have Missed You.


Thankfully getting to that point was such good fun that I didn’t mind the melt down and cured it by eating 2 bars of Dairy Milk given to me by my Dad over Christmas which seemed like a much better option than actually daring to cook something. Frankly that was what I wanted to eat anyway. With peanut butter. I really really wanted Reeses’ Peanut Buttercups but couldn’t face going out to buy them….. OK so that was kind of weird.

So, resolutions?

No not one.

I’d only break them.

But… having been posted The Do by Emile I would like to suggest, like some crazed beauty editor that 2011 be the year of EYEBROWS.


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