Side Splitting….

January 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

The early part of NYE was spent trying on every dress I own if the pile on my bathroom floor and the gaping hole in my wardrobe the next day were anything to go by…. caused by the simple fact that many of them don’t fit. It’s amazing what a year plus of not drinking can do to a girl’s shape. Luella dresses I love, black shiny PVC shift numbers are now less of a sexy shift and more of a World Of Leather sofa cover…. on a person.

So although the new Margiela number felt a little prim for the local pub and rather black for NYE I decided to go with it.

Did I say it was prim? Well it’s sort of prim…

It’s knitted, has long sleeves and a very high neck, is knee length – so far so lady but… it’s  also split from hem to well, hip.

It makes a girl think of high-kicks and, at Mauro’s after party I think… lie: OMG I know… that I did! And I also know that it was less of a sultry tango dancer kick and more Angela Rippon on a Christmas Special…..


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