September In Paris

October 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

I went to Paris for approximately 12 hours…

which meant that I was awake for 27.

27 hours and 15 mins to be precise I realised as my key stumbled around the lock….

Coffee with Salvatore, dinner with Gareth Pugh and friends followed by doing his after party door at Chacha’s where the Doormen were radio-ing in for yet more coffee fixes and lots and lots of lovely people popped down… all made it worth getting shoved by the large snoring blonde girl next to me on Eurostar at 6.40am. Oi girlfriend stop trying to grab my Balenciaga knit to cover yourself with. My face was keeping the businessman opposite me amused ‘sorry for laughing but you look so furious! Bad night?’ This made me smile ‘No… a fantastic one!’

A friend noted in an email to me that evening as I sat morphing into my sofa, feeling happy but a little flattened ‘you work like mad…and dance and party and… lol’

Too bloody right! What would be the point of keeping yourself awake unless there was dancing and partying and laughing out loud involved? Actually I think he means: work like mad, dance and party like it to and…. therefore: YOU ARE MAD.

Nothing wrong with a sprinkling of madness.


And thank you KCD for the invite to Cavalli’s 40th Anniversary Party. Talk about chuffed. And, even though I couldn’t make it, the fact that I was even ASKED has made my little heart very happy.

Me in Pugh… was so sad to part with this dress! It was like wearing armour. Not sad to have grown out the Ā Joan of Arc Hair-Helmet though.

And me in Pugh on a Boom Box NYE party door also some years back now….. giving a dark look from under a damp fringe: it was pissing it down that night!

Remember Gareth handing it over, putting it on and typical me… hands straight in pockets. ‘Oh!’ I exclaimed ‘A BIN LINER!’ pulling it out. ‘No’ laughed Mr Pugh loudly ‘That COZETTE would be the BELT…. but yes…’ now in a quieter tone ‘it is a bin liner…’ and wrapped it around me chortling.


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