August 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

Ponystep came back with a BANG last night with a one-off party to celebrate Richard Mortimer’s 30th birthday. With DJ sets from Jefferson Hack, Princess Julia and the Ponystep residence as well as a PA by new pop-tottie Florrie well all I can say is WHAT a night.

Unfortunately I missed all of this plus the vogue-ing sensation that was The Mortimers as I myself and the Katie Eary frock and Ann Demeulemeester wedges were contending with a MOUNTAIN of people trying to get in. Jennifer Justice and Lily Law turned up and closed the door. Yep closed by the police. Jenny and Lily are not code names for the fabulous Misters Woo and Jeanette alas….. Nor were they, I explained to a very small Spanish woman refusing to move and I think turning to stone ‘strippers, even though this IS a birthday…’

Anyway, how very rock and roll of us.

And apologies to the SEA of familiar faces in the crowd who I couldn’t get in.

Really, I wish that I could have.

Read more on Florrie and The Mortimers here at Madame Says:



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