July 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

Even though I should-a could-a been out and about last night I decided to stay in and catch up on… mainly, some good eating.

I accidently came across this programme on BBC4 while channel hopping through Friends and Family Guy which seem to be the ONLY thing on TV these days and which I just refuse to get in to.

I’m so glad that I did as this is a very touching story.

OK so in reality a baby is taken from his parents and stuck in a monastery to fulfil some idiotic prophesy which is harrowing in the extreme as, let’s face it WHAT choice do the parents have but ….WHAT a child.

To watch him kissing heads and placing white scarves on devotees when only aged 2 or 3 (at an event so HUGE that, looking out I would easily be in tears) with such utter grace was throat-tightening. OK so yes I was in tears but you’d have to be dead not to be moved by this film. Don’t get me started on the monk returning to his village or the child watering an apple tree or right at the end laughing with the monk as they make their cola bottles fizz over while reciting some mantra.

Watch it on BBC IPlayer if you can and watch it with your heart OPEN.



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