My Kinda Work Out

July 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

Saw this on Face Book via Madame Says and it reminded me of when we had the water cut off.

Say whhhaaaaat?

Well what happened was I got home from a very late day at work some years back and all I thought about on the bus ride was that I was DYING for a cuppa and so I get in, grab at the tap and splutter splat cough… no water.

Thinking that this could ONLY be happening to me (it was one of those days after all) I decided to rationally check if my neighbours are having the same trouble. After knocking, the door is opened by a small, young man who invites me in as ‘I had just filled up the kettle before the water went off’… HURRAH for small mediteranian men and destiny.

Awkward chit chat follows: he explains that he’s house-sitting and then… that he likes to watch me hoovering.

I must look perplexed but as he winks the penny drops: I have been breakin-in a pair of very high YSLs, steadying myself with the hoover and often in nothing more than a boyish vest and pants.

Drinking very hot tea at the rate of someone drowning I make my escape as quickly and politely as I can (damn my good education/upbringing) and head home vowing to buy emergency bottled water and to get a curtain for the kitchen window.

Finally, here is the video:


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