Solar Eclipse

July 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

Yesterday was a solar eclipse and every astrologist in the World remarked on how life-changing it would be which is no doubt why I decided to wear a very tight dress and make-up last night. Well a reinvention may as well be blamed on the planets and had, in fact started at Jack’s 21st dinner on Friday night with a black pillowcase of a MMM dress and a swoosh of eyeliner.

Katie Eary more well-known for her menswear whipped me up a dress of green snake print with a massive gold zip running from the hem to my middle back for HOPING. The zip runs the whole length of the dress which means that the top part is left undone. This is a great talking point as loads of gallant men and women offer to do you up.

Seeing my dress the make-up artist Ginni Bogado coerced me into her room and stoked my face with her brushes.

I don’t wear make-up I said feebly but she was having none of it and when she clapped ‘Oh I’m going to get some eye shadow on you… sorry!’ I thought that I should just go with it.

As the Sunday morning sun came up (having been eclipsed over Easter Island) the general opinion was: Cozette should wear eye make up MORE.

And still going strong at 5.30am!


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