It’s Cozette With A Zee like Liza…

July 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

But only because my clever Mum did a quick poll of friends and relatives who all went ‘Cos-sit?’ so she tried it with a Z and everything was fine (although they probably still thought: what-kind-of-name-is-that?!)

Thank you Emile for this little ditty… when I’ve vanity searched my own name (I take the shame… although we have ALL done it!) I usually come across porn stars, some musical-fixated Americans, a few foals and some very yappy dogs.

And when I first signed up to Facebook I had a message from an American teenager telling me that she had the right to use the name as it was her actual name and she had copyrighted it ‘with the Z’.

And there it was, her Facebook name had a little encircled c next to it.

Although I doubt it was legally binding and I could beat her hands-down on years of usage – golly all the same!

Am only surprised that Mum didn’t think of THAT…. or the fact that some French people would find it funny:

Once, coming from a party in Paris and being thrown in a taxi with Jean-Baptiste Mondino and from what I remember, his wife (or girlfriend or companion… whatever… ) anyway they asked my name so I told them and they both fell around the taxi in HYSTERICS pretty much crying with laughter. Catching his breath I was asked what my real name was.

No that IS my real name… I survived playgrounds and teenage boys with this name!

And felt incredibly embarrassed to have raised my voice in a confined space to someone I had always wanted to meet.

Apologising Mr M’s companion spoke up ‘we are sorry for laughing but to us it is like you said that your name was Snow White… in France no one would call their child Cozette, they may as well have named her Cinderella…’


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