Mean Girls…

June 11, 2010 § 2 Comments

At the SAP party standing on the pavement trying to breathe/cool down with the beauty that is Susie Cave nee Bick I saw someone who I vowed that if I ever EVER saw in public I would beat up or at the very least smudge his fake tan and pink lipgloss. Seeing as a public smudging is not very Bond Street or very ‘me’ frankly as I’m a lover not a fighter Susie came up with a suggestion which was ‘doing a mean face, Coz…’ and she showed me and we both started doing it: narrowing our eyes, looking across a tense shoulder, pursing our lips… all of which looked about as mean as a white kitten, air-dried in soft Summer air into a small ball of fluff and sprinkled with cute-dust although I’m sure that it did make my intended victim quite uncomfortable… but for all the wrong reasons.

Especially as once we got eye contact we fell around the place giggling….

‘Noooo Coz we look like we are flirting!’

Here is a version of Susie’s Mean Face (copyright) for i-D… doesn’t work does it? Not when you are this beautiful:


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