Not Bad For A Wednesday

June 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

First stop last night was a speedy run into MMM to chat about last week’s perfume launch and to have a sniff of (untitled) which I think smells like soap. Not in a bad way but I was hoping that it would smell of paint stripper as I always associate MMM with the colour white and the colour white reminds me of undercoat.

A quick hop and a step and we were in Bond Street for the opening of Solange Azagury-Partridge’s Hamann…

No I’m kidding, but only a little as Solange had such an amazing turn out that her new store got more than a little bit steamy.

2 jewellery box floors showcasing her cosmic infused gems my fave place is the basement which is black and totally covered in Swarovski crystal micro-dots. With 3 seated booths it resembles the type of club you’d probably have trouble getting into or a glinting dungeon.

Highlight was having my aura read (stop sniggering at the back) and the resulting laminated printout showed my head surrounded by a lilac, blue and white rainbow. This means that I’m a born healer and that MAYJ COSMIC THINGS ARE GOING TO HAPPEN TO ME very soon. Oh I do hope so. As long as it’s not some random meteorite landing on my roof….

Myself, Sid and the fashion siblings that are The Cobbs grabbed a taxi and ended up at a fire station for the launch of Industrie and no that is not a type-o the first letter slants. Perhaps it’s tired and wearing heels?

Finally, still wearing my light-up blue plastic mushroom ring and eating red-lip sweets, I headed east to the opening of my front door.

I’ll go to the opening of anything me.


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