Hard Future

June 10, 2010 § 1 Comment

The email from Mandi Lennard’s office told us to meet at Victoria Station at 6.30pm prompt and then listed 3 platform numbers: HOW was I going to find anyone?

The answer to that little conundrum became very apparent once at Victoria as it was simply a matter of following the slinky trail of black-clothed, high-heeled people matching through pastels and beach shorts on what was the hottest day of the year so far.

In the 2 reserved carriages Bistrotheque’s David Waddington acted as trolley-dolly handing out Moscow Mules, nuts and huge olives from what looked like something stolen from a rather posh hospital.

With the mules kicking in (doh that’s why they are called that) we ended up in the totally amazing Chinese room at Brighton’s famous Royal Pavilion eating (while standing up) curry from small bowls. This was an experience made all the more surreal because the Chinese room is actually a dinning room and, behind a series of ropes and over protective staff there is a massive table set out for a full dinner.

Post our Friday night curry (followed by mini blissful tubs of ice cream) we headed to Matthew’s event where Norman Rosenthal boomed at us from the stage and we sat crossed legged on the floor like expectant children.

The evening started with music by Alex Nikiporenko and an accompanying film by Matthew Stone. Such beautiful sounds with Matthew’s black and white images of 2 naked men and a naked woman floating behind the musicians. Were the men and women fighting? I wasn’t sure. Everything had been slowed down (which is almost becoming Matthew Stone’s signature – see his video for These New Puritans’ Attack Music) but this time to the extent where flesh appeared to behave like liquid.

Theo Adams’ performance soon after, again back dropped by a Matthew Stone film this time acting as a reflected audience, was a glorious riot of bright red glitter, tinsel, sobbing and Judy Garland. Actress Gwendoline Christie started the performance, imposing down on us in her red column Gilda dress. Talk about statuesque!

First previewed in Austria at an event curated by Peaches – the cool singing one not the Geldoff the effect was breath taking.

After all this culture my night descended into Just Another Friday Night At A Seaside Town: an indie disco under the promenade, inappropriate chat up lines from drunk boys, chips with friends and passing out on the train back to London at 6am but only after my friend Jack triumphantly announced that ‘Cozette knows everybody! I didn’t even have to PAY to get into the club.. she is amazing!’

Erm well that is true in a way: you didn’t pay but that was because I paid for you!!

Thank you Mr Stone for a truly entertaining night and… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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