Noch eins, bitte

June 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

Having had very little sleep, on Thursday I headed to Brussels on Eurostar.

I don’t know what it is about Eurostar but I always without fail love being on it, I mean it’s just a train after all but I dunno it is exciting. Perhaps I need to get out more?

Arriving at Brussels Midi I grab a much-needed coffee from a man singing Supermodel which is flattering until I remember its by Ru Paul, and then run or shassay chantay to the Neerpelt train.

Having been collected at the station by the lady running the tiny hotel I’m staying at I have a looooong bath, eat pretty much every chocolate laid out in the room – which looking at the pile the next morning is a hellava lot of Toblerone and pralines, watch the George Michael episode of Star Stories followed by Women On A Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown (which by this point I’m having) and then… pass out.

Friday I’m woken up by the sound of breakfast being made and around 11 or so decide that I should walk into town as the weather is so beautiful.

5ft 10 women all dressed in black are a rarity in this town and I get waived at and smiled at and then politely interrogated in the coffee shop.

Later I throw on a very small Alexander Wang dress, throw it off, throw on jeans, throw them off, talk myself back into very small dress (seeing as I’m the talk of the town I may as well dress inappropriately for a festival in a FIELD), compromise with a Tricker’s boot (heels and grass.. computer says no) and march out to see DAF now suitably black from head to toe again.

No fears this time of being accused of taking the piss, not like before, when I turned up to see them wearing the biggest whitest MMM T-shirt ever and was the only person at the ENTIRE event in white…… ‘Well at least I’ll be able to find you’.

Watching support band Front 242 playing Body 2 Body reminded me of raving in other fields somewhere off the M25 about 20 million years ago….

I tell them this later as we huddle around the drinks fridge and they laugh and tell me that surely I’m too young to remember. I’m just about to offer to show them my passport but seeing as my age had been questioned at passport control on the way out ‘Hey we are the same age but I look at least 10 years older than you, if not more… how is that possible?’ I leave it in my bag and just laugh with them while moving slowly off…..

Finally DAF come on to play and play they do: an uber slick set with…. SURPRISE a new song at number 12 of their set list.

(I’ve tried to find it on the internet but no one recorded the gig it seems… hopefully someone will record them this weekend in Sweden, if so I’ll post it).


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