April 25, 2010 § 1 Comment


Last night was I think the very first PONYSTEP held on a Saturday night in London… although we got off to a slow start and many a Hen Nite had to be turned away: hello Carwash is OVER THE ROAD ladies in pink with bunny ears although I can understand their confusion, I mean if the all in one was Pam Hogg and the ears black lace Maison Michel they would have been in… anyway by 11.30 Camp was a sweatbox.

Richard had blagged me an A/W10 JCDC full length satin dress with Bambi taking up my entire torso and Thumper at my hip.

Stomping up City Road in my Converse, heels in bag, I was set upon by 3 Japanese girls excitedly wanting my picture. No doubt today they are looking at an image of me grinning like a moron.

It looks a bit geisha here… I really could have done with Madonna’s hair from her Nothing Really Matters video.

Quote of the evening goes to Callum Turner

‘Is this Ponystep? Looks like an office.. oh there’s Cozette… it’s definitely Ponystep then…’


Woke up this morning exhausted with happiness and a cute cartoon pile on my floor:

JCDC if you are reading this I HAVE TO HAVE THIS DRESS!!!!!


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