Thank You Mr Postman

April 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

It’s so lovely to receive post and today I had a really old copy of Les Rita Mitsouko’s The No Comprendo brought via Musicstack for the song Andy… FINALLY… and a copy of the book Just Kids by Patti Smith which I think will be read just before I drop off to sleep.

Have spent the day researching for SIBLING Collection 5 (which is now well underway) I headed off on a bit of a tangent via Miss Smith’s book to looking at Mapplethorpe’s Polaroids. I was always enthralled by my once boss Jasper Conran’s portrait where Mapplethorpe had given him that Madonna lily glow he’s so noted for… enthralled and yes jealous!

Here are 2 that I just loved… no muscles, no oiled-up flesh, no cocks just 2 women: Patti with her lightning bolt tattooed knee and Marianne looking ever so slightly out-of-focus-stoned and almost sparkly drinking tea.

Almost sparkly… funny, I was described as that once, sitting in the back of a car, heading home when I didn’t want to go….


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