Let’s Spend Easter In Heaven…

April 5, 2010 § 2 Comments

Is not a line from the bible, some Jesus chat-up line to Mary M or an idea thrown to his disciples mid-chat about what to do over Easter weekend (seeing as he kind of had to ‘invent’ it I guess Easter weekend was just the same as any other for JC and the boys but… I digress… and no doubt blaspheme.. ) no this was an invitation from Richard Mortimer to join him at Heaven for the Kitsune meets Ponystep party.

Here is photographic evidence that I was hugged to death by and I quote ‘a bottle of wine dressed as me’ formerly known as Hynam… thank you Pippa Brooks (who balanced DJing and photographing us all last night from the giddy height of some uber nude platforms…)




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§ 2 Responses to Let’s Spend Easter In Heaven…

  • Madame says:

    Hahahaha, what fun that was!!! So glad you love the Cascada track too!!! I always play it to slightly bemused reaction!!!!! You left the “e” off madame btw!!!!!

    Love these pics of you! SO PRETTY in the one with Elaine!!!!!!!!!

    • Cozette McCreery says:

      If this were someone else and not me I could say something witty about always dropping ‘e’s… I tried to explain Cascada to Guy ‘you know… sort of dumpy blonde… not dumpy erm girl next door… normal sized… lots of extensions’ but he obvs doesn’t watch the music channels like I do as just looked blank.

      The one with Elaine is astonishing…. and I think my face-double!!!!

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