March 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

I have not managed to get out of my night gown all day. Although I’m kidding myself that it’s kind of glamorous (seeing as the gown is full length and I am trailing a Showroom Dummies for Mulberry cashmere blanket around my shoulders like Dave Gahan as a king in the Enjoy The Silence video) I’m relishing the fact that it is actually quite disgraceful and verging on the pikey.

On Thursday night I was booked to DJ at the opening of a new French run and owned restaurant in South Kensington called Bistro K which was a hoot and by 11pm everyone was pulling out some serious tango moves. I was congratulated for being able to keep a ‘difficult and mixed ages crowd’ happy until beyond my booked time. I have my previously mentioned love of Euro Trash Pop to thank for that. And Guy, my regular DJ partner who has filled in the gaps in my knowledge where needed… sometimes just from me humming.

Note to self: I must remember to ask for higher tables to DJ from in future: 4″ heels plus 5ft 10″ plus low table = stooping and back ache. Thanks God my idea to wear strapless was short-lived…! So, perhaps I should only pump in a pump?

Talking of which I DJed at Pump and that too was a laugh-until-crying night of fun.

Last night’s final DJ round was with Anarchic Female: Jack Sunnucks where we danced to something very jolly from Austin Powers plus quite a lot of Riot Girl fodder.

Today I’m exhausted and I think through laughing too much.

Some gems from the past few days:


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