Heidi Hi….

March 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

Even though this coat is green and therefore resembles a cover on my Grandmother’s loo seat more than a sheep it reminded me of this image I have from the late 70’s kids series Heidi:

This series was aired when the BBC was buying in all kinds of badly dubbed TV programmes from Europe and shoving them in the 4pm slot. Boy how I LOVED them: 3 Gifts For Cinderella and that funny little laughing Polish mole cartoon were the best things to watch before bath, supper and homework. Although my Mother would get worried about me watching the mole because I’d usually end up in tears because it was so beautiful and sad. Such a romantic child….

If I’m honest I watched 3 Wishes for the clothes and Heidi for Goat Peter who, as a real life goat-boy would have stunk to high Heaven but as a TV goat-boy was a boy with a great tan and teeth that could out-white the Alps. Oh…. and some goats. His character was also beyond grumpy. This I decided was because of his goaty smell coupled with the fact that Heidi with her constant ‘Oh Grand Papa’ whine (which must be really annoying if you’ve spent all day hearing nothing but bleating) was very wearing. Worse, she was obviously not getting how cute he was even in his felt gnome hat… Jeez I’d be grumpy… all of which, in my pre-teen mind made him even MORE ATTRACTIVE.


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