March 4, 2010 § 2 Comments

The usual thing happens: I get fed up with a situation or happy with a situation for that matter and this kick starts those to quote my Father: if you want to make yourself look ugly then you have succeeded thoughts of personal reinvention….

Funny to think that years after my Father uttered that sentence to a newly crew-cropped daughter he fessed up to thinking it my best haircut…..


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§ 2 Responses to Girlboys

  • jaquisha says:

    this is tyour best post ever…. LOVE LOVE LOVE the second photo down who is ms leslie?? of course top photo is best

    • Cozette McCreery says:

      Ms Leslie Winer or Leslie Weiner was a model who looked like a man I’d fall in love with…. she was also a singer, friend of both Burroughs and Jean-Michel Basquiat and a general pain in the arse! I think that she had a kid with Mr Moony from MAX…. The only time that I ever met her she was sporting an extreme undercut which basically made her a bald woman with hair on top, angular and willowy, snarly and pregnant. Of course I was in total AWE…..

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