Sweater Girl

June 24, 2009 § Leave a comment

Last night was the launch of the brand spanking new Ponystep website and the pages are as fancy and as star studded as Editor Richard Mortimer’s guest list. Alas due to so much going on at SIBLING HQ plus the run up to Will Broome’s solo exhibition happening next Thursday I didn’t make it to The Joiner’s to witness Beth Ditto’s karaoke but my Kids tell me that it was great fun and that now Beth is part of my ever growing family by default….

Reading through the new Ponystep pages I came across an interview with Bella Freud and I was dead chuffed to read my mention in her tale of the birth of her iconic Ginsberg Is God sweater…. there is nothing like a fever , numerous cups of tea and an overdose of Lemsip to inspire you!

‘Bella has also kept herself on people’s minds with her recent Sunday Telegraph beauty column and the perennial popularity of the ‘Ginsberg is God’ sweater. Asked about the famous phrase, she laughs. “I was creating a story about these chicks who are waiting for their poet hero to come and do a reading, but he never shows up. Beatnik is always really good in fashion, it is so hilarious. I had all these names, Camus, Godard, Ginsberg, and I was trying to find out how it could work. Then the stylist Cathy Kasterine said, ‘Why don’t you do it like, Clapton is God: Ginsberg is God,’ and I realised I had been complicating things too much. My assistant Cozette had a cold, and she said, ‘Yes, Godard is Dog, I mean God.’ And that was exactly it’.

You can read the full interview plus many more at http://www.ponystep.com



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