Vogue Italia

June 17, 2009 § 1 Comment

My Godfather would give me copies of Italian Vogue when I was a child and I’m not kidding they were the size of 5 Vogues stuck together. I would lie on the floor, propped up by my elbows, feet kicking out devouring them for hours until the rough hessian carpet in our sitting room branded my arms.

Moving from Woldingham back to London I was forced (note the word FORCED) at 16 to throw most of them away but I was allowed to keep one: now gracefully falling apart at my Dad’s.

Since then I’ve had a very on/off affair with this publication.

Like a very bad boyfriend I either love it or want to dump it on sight.

This month’s though is a GEM, black covered it is so reminiscent of the Vogue Italia’s of yesteryear that you could convince yourself that it is a copy from the darker side of the 80’s.

I suggest that you buy it.

As well as Meisel’s cling filmed, gashed-cheeked take on club culture is a shoot by Emma Summerton who, like me, must be a fan of artist Ray Caesar… don’t you think?



Vogue Italia I

Vogue Italia I


Ray Caesar I

Ray Caesar I


Vogue Italia II

Vogue Italia II

Ray Caesar II

Ray Caesar II


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