Hoo ‘Ra

June 17, 2009 § Leave a comment

The PIX’s (along with i-D, Sunday Times Style, DJ blah blah blah) Hanna Hanra celebrated her birthday last night and it made me wish that I had a better bloody camera and wasn’t relying on my crappy iPhone one (yes iPhone people take note: your camera’s lack of flash stinks) as I wanted to take pictures of all of her cakes but only managed one before it got too dark.

Cake 1 brandished by fellow PIXer (PIXie?) Princess Julia was covered in dark blue icing, punctured with white safety pins.

Cake 2 was from Hanna’s friend Katie and was a cake version of a Big Mac complete with royal icing mayo drips, ketchup and cake fries.

Cake 3 by Abby was her take on Hanna’s favourite Warhol T shirt spelling out the word BAD.

Cake 4 was a slinky number spotted with an iced leopard print by Iwan.

The bar at Dalston Superstore looked like a Women’s Institute punk bake-off.




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