Scrap Books

June 16, 2009 § Leave a comment

Last week I went to my Dad’s and found these 2 scrap books.

The red one has ‘completed in 1985’ scrawled on it in my block capital script.

The very first page shows a picture of Sade who I thought, at the time was the most stylish women ever.

Trying to grow out my boyish under-cut I brought a very long, expensive plait and would attach this to my stump of hair. In my white with black dots man’s Joseph shirt, Levi 501s and black cowboy boots I knew that I’d pulled off The Look when I was chatted up at The Cafe De Paris by Sade’s Ex Robert Elms. 

The chatting up was short lived as Fat Tony came over and removing me by my plait went ‘she’s not your fucking ex girlfriend you know… talk about TYPE’ and laughed right in Mr E’s face.

After that I still wore the outfit but just with my boyish hair which model Alice Temple (a fellow tomboy) told me was much better even though we looked like 2 school boys!


Scrap BooksScrap Book Sade


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