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This Blog is rapidly becoming a shrine to fellow Capricorn David Bowie!

Ah well…. I just love this song and played the 7″ to death last night having seen it mentioned on Bully’s profile. After finding the video I did a bit of research and found this quote from the women herself explaining how this cover came to be:

‘I first met Bowie on tour in the early ’70s when he invited me to his concert. And back at the hotel, he said to me, in very heated language, ‘I want to make a record with you. You’re a great singer.’ I didn’t think it would happen, but he followed up two days later. He was uber cool at the time and I just wanted to be led by him. I didn’t think ‘The Man Who Sold The World’ was the greatest song for my voice, but it was such a strong song in itself. In the studio, Bowie kept telling me to smoke more cigarettes, to give my voice a certain quality. We were like the odd couple. Were we ever an item? I’d rather not answer that one, thanks!
For the video, people thought he came up with the androgynous look, but that was all mine. It was very Berlin cabaret. We did other songs, too, like ‘Watch That Man,’ ‘Can You Hear Me?’ and ‘Dodo.’ ‘The Man Who Sold The World’ saved me from a certain niche in my career. If we’d have carried on, it would have been very interesting.’

Lulu and Bowie… odd couple indeed????!!

I saw her as Peter Pan in panto at Richmond Theater and have trouble getting that childhood memory out of my head. 

Perhaps him in full Ziggy mode and her in a green tabard and matching tights makes sense of it all somehow….


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