Germany Part I

June 7, 2009 § 1 Comment

Having brought up my MMM Berlin 80’s Replica Boots post I had to admit to my very handsome German friend Oliver that I, in fact, have never been to Germany.

This, from a girl who listens to German music, loves images of old German punks, had an unhealthy obsession with LWT’s Enemy At The Door and who’s dog (a Weimaraner) narrowly escaped being called Reinecker.

Any how…. I explained to Oliver that my idea of Berlin is probably steeped in romance and has nothing to do with the actual place and is no doubt the reason why I kind of don’t want to visit. 

In my searching for images for SIBLING Collection 3 I came across a site called Punk Sei Dank that has some images from the 80’s Neu Wave scene that I just love.

Here are a few. 


Girl At BarGirl & Young Boy


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§ One Response to Germany Part I

  • Oliver says:

    First of all thanks for the ‘very handsome German friend’ comment.
    Then: Your blog is big fun. And very Cozette.
    I love the Punk Sei Dank images

    And now lets go to Berlin, shave our heads (erm…done that) and marry old German punks

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